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Tank-Top Power Shaper.
Welcome to RizzShirts – your destination for tightening tank-tops! We specialize in compressing tightening designs for beauty and style. At RizzShirts, we're committed to providing affordable, top-notch tightening tank tops to elevate your lifestyle. Experience the perfect blend of functionality and aesthetics with Rizzshirts tightening tank-top.
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Makes you skinny very fast

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Shaper tank - top

The Gold Standard 
of Tank-Tops
Build Confident with our Slimming Tank-Top which tightens the stomach to make yourself look 10x skinnier. Helps make any outfite that you wear look better in seconds
Supplement Features
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Gym Progress
Use the RizzShirt to see your potential if you were to go to the gym. Not only can you wear it to the gym, but it's made with fabric that helps stop sweat.
Ekucare Prefessional Presence
Look sharp and confident in the workplace, leaving a lasting impression
Built for sports
Our Tanktop can be used anywhere with our fabric, it has stretchable fabric around the stomach area but is tight where it needs to be!
Lasts All year round
Looking good for one day is not enough, so we created the RizzShirts to last all year round so you can look good anytime anywhere!
$19.99 USD
$45.99 USD
We will give you the facts, and all you have to do is buy!

How long until we deliver your first order?

our shipping rates are 3-9 days, depending on the day of the week!

What is your return Policy?

20-day return policy, and if the RizzShirt does not arrive in 30 days, we will refund all money.

What is your Breakage Policy?

We send out new RizzShirts free of charge to anyone who gets a shirt with any defects within 50 days of wearing the shirt!
Where can I email/talk to the support crew?
At any time, you can email us and we will get back to you as soon as we can! :
What Our Clients Says
Observe for yourself what our clients think of the RizzShirts so you can buy based on the opinions of your fellow internet buyers!!
We've been really happy with it. Strong & effective, the fabric is comfortable, and it sure does the job that it needs to! Thank you RizzShirts.

Margie R. Robinson

I have had the RizzShirts for a while, and i can't tell you guys how much it works. I mean, I was skeptical at first, but man, does it work!

jack P. O'conall

Our Size Chart
Base your spending on our size chart! Make Sure to read carefully because this is what matters for the best fit!
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